Slackers Ninja 8’ Climbing Rope Obstacle w/ Foot Holds - New Design and Color!


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Climbing Rope Features:

  • Hang from Ninjaline, swing set or tree branch

  • Safety carabiner at top

  • Use 4 sturdy climbing holds with hands and feet

  • 8' high performance polyethylene rope

  • Compatible with 36' Intro or Pro or 56' Ninjaline

  • Maximum weight 250 lbs

Super durable PE rope uses UV resistant material and is built to last. Our rope is 8' long and includes 4 foot/ hand holds. Our specially designed holds have center indentions in the blow molded plastic so you can grip them with your hands. Climbing rope is harder and more fun than you can imagine. Builds confidence and strength too. Set includes safety carabiner at the top with a forged steel ring. Attach to tree branch, play structure or even the NinjaLine! Use with our tree hanger to simply loop around a tree branch (10" dia minimum) or attach to one of our Ninjaline sewn in pockets to access the obstacles. Place several in a row to create a new obstacle set.