Ninjaline Protective Sleeves (for attaching swings)

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Ninjaline Protective Sleeves Features:

  • For use with our Ninjaline (sold separately)

  • Increase the life of your Ninjaline and protect

  • Set of 2 protective sleeves made of thick PVC tubing

  • Place on the Ninjaline before installation

Attach any swing to our Patented Ninjaline! Now you can hang a swing even if you don’t have lateral tree branches. All you need are two strong healthy trees of at least 12” diameter and our Ninjaline (sold separately). Before you install the Ninjaline slide these protective tubes onto the line so that they protect where the line goes through the black reinforced loops at each end. This prevents friction from harming the line when you swing back and forth. Install Ninjaline according to instructions. Hang any swing from the delta carabiners included in your Ninjaline. Always use pockets to hang anything from the Ninjaline. Only 1 swing at a time and 250lbs weight capacity. Always check your Ninjaline and sleeves to wear and tear throughout the season. We do not recommend that you leave the Ninjaline out year round or once the weather falls below freezing.