Adventure Station ‘Bird Feeding’ Kit

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.Adventure Station Bird Feeding Fun Features:

  • Includes all you need to create your own bird feeder

  • All instructions included

  • Hummingbird feeder also included

  • For ages 8+

Kit includes everything you need to create your own STEM backyard birding paradise. Children can observe up-close the marvels of the birding world!  Build your own window birdfeeder with see through back panel. Complete with detailed assembly instructions and heavy duty suction cups so children can observe the birds up close from indoors and out. Window humming bird feeder attaches with a suction cup. Includes window clings to protect birds and allow the child to decorate their windows for their new friends. Includes bird ID guide, seed recommendations to attract specific birds, and a free 6-month subscription to Cornell Labs' "Birds of North America."