Ninjaline™ Bachar Ladder

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Ninjaline™ Bachar Ladder Features:

  • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS— Made of sturdy 6 Poly Carbonate 1.25” diameter tubes and 15ft Ninja has adjustable and 15’ PE UV resistant rope . Includes hanging carabiners for top and bottom.

  • TRAIN LIKE A NINJA - Fun colorful training tool that attaches to tree and or Ninjaline. Attach to the Ninjaline at the top and wrap around the base of the tree at the end for the perfect way to end or access the Ninjaline.

  • John Bachar - (March 23, 1957 – July 5, 2009) was an American rock climber noted for his skill at free soloing. A fitness fanatic, he was the creator of the climbing training device known as the Bachar ladder.

  • The Bachar Ladder is typically hung at an overhanging angle of 20-45° and climbed from below using only the arms. The Bachar ladder swings slightly when it is being climbed, requiring the climber to use more core tension to maintain stability.

Based on the famous Bachar ladder that all the best climbers use, our 15ft ladder has 6 colorful transparent polycarbonate 1.25" rungs and uses Black Woven PE rope. Attach to the Ninjaline pocket with the included delta carabiner and then attach the other end around the base of the tree. Perfect for ending or accessing the Ninjaline. Can also be used independently of the Ninjaline by hanging the single point attachment from a tree branch (we recommend using our Tree Hangers (sold separately)) and wrapping the double end bottom around the base of the tree. Great for upper body strength and agility training. MAX WEIGHT: 250 LBS.