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  1. Coming Soon - Available October 2018! Ninjaline™ Climbers Ladder

    Coming Soon - Available October 2018! Ninjaline™ Climbers Ladder


    Out of stock

    Ninjaline™ Climbers Ladder Features:
    • SUPER FUN: 8ft long climbing ladder is a favorite for kids over traditional climbing rope!
    • COMPATIBLE: Perfect addition to our Slackers Ninjaline or as a free hanging piece on a healthy tree branch or play structure
    • EASY TO USE- Loop Ladder-style construction with 6 reinforced steps insure the steps always stay open and easy to climb
    • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS— Lightweight - Made of sturdy polyester 1.5” webbing—
    • Suitable for all ages —holds up to 250 pounds — includes Hanging carabiner hardware
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  2. Aqua Blob

    Aqua Blob


    .Aqua Blob Features:
    • Personal outdoor water bed
    • Heavy duty vinyl with large hose opening and rubber stopper.
    • Add food coloring for a unique color combination for individual tastes!
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  3. 36" Aqua Glow LED Beach Ball

    36" Aqua Glow LED Beach Ball


    ..36" Aqua Glow LED Beach Ball Features:
    • 3' tall beach ball will make you the envy of everyone at the beach!
    • Comes with frosted neon panels and dozens of LED lights inside for fun lasting well after dark.
    • Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Waterproof
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  4. Aqua Sprayer

    Aqua Sprayer


    .Aqua Sprayer Features:
    • Fun and easy to use Aqua Sprayer
    • Can shoot water up to 40 feet!
    • Comes in assorted colors with soft foam handle
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  5. Party Wheel

    Party Wheel


    .Party Wheel Features:
    • Designed for fun in water or on grass
    • 54" diameter frosted and clear heavy duty vinyl.
    • Comes with 2 repair patches
    • Ages 4+ up to 150lbs
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  6. Slackers Deluxe Bungee Brake Kit

    Slackers Deluxe Bungee Brake Kit


    ..Slackers Deluxe Bungee Brake Kit Features:
    • Bungee Brake kit is designed as a safety backup for a properly set up zipline course.
    • Kit includes 15' high density bungee shock cord with reinforced UV resistant sleeve, ABS block, carabiner, anchor bag, instructions.
    • Never use a ground stake or substitute an anchor.
    • Bag holds 100lb sand bag (not included).
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  7. Ninjaline™ Traverse Ninja Rings

    Ninjaline™ Traverse Ninja Rings


    Traverse Ninja Rings Features:
    • Set of 2
    • For Ages 5+ up to 250lbs
    • Designed to be used with Ninjaline Pro and Ninjaline Intro Kits; each Sold Separately.
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  8. Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker

    Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker


    Wheel Walker Features:
    • Indoor pedal car kit comes with instructions, special tool and lubricant for axels
    • Beginner stage children can use the provided handles, advanced stage, remove the handles to continue developing balance and coordination
    • Ages 3-13, max weight 100lbs
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  9. Sky Tree Hanger 12ft

    Sky Tree Hanger 12ft


    Sky Tree Hanger 12ft Features:
    • 12 ft of heavy duty polyester webbing
    • Hang on a live tree branch with at least 10" diameter with 6-12' clearance in all directions
    • Compatible with all Slackers swings and chairs
    • Easy to set up
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  10. b4Adventure Jumbo Jumper

    b4Adventure Jumbo Jumper


    Jumbo Jumper Features:
    • 6.5' tall colorful steel powder coated poles provide support while jumpers bounce on 5' diameter high bounce inner tube.
    • Great for children age 4+, Combined weight up to 800lbs.
    • 15 minutes of jumping uses the same energy amount as 60 minutes of running.
    • Compressed air pump required (sold separately).
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