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The easy-to-use, FUN and affordable Geocaching GPS

Visit the Geomate Product Website Geocaching is a GPS based treasure hunt. Containers of various sizes are hidden and the co-ordinates are recorded and logged on www.geocaching.com. These co-ordinates are loaded into handheld GPS devices. Then the GPS device directs you close to the location hidden geocache, then you must look for the hidden geocache. Watch the video  below to see us in action! Have fun and get outdoors!

Geomate.jr GPS

Geomate.jr GPS

Meet the Geomate  Jr.

The Geomate.jr comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches covering all 50 states (or your country.) Just switch on the Geomate.jr, then follow the distance and arrow to the closest Geocache. See, we told you it was easy! The Geomate.jr will display the 20 closest geocaches to your location. The Geomate.jr also gives you information about the geocache such as cache ID, difficulty, terrain and size.
Worried about getting lost? Don’t! You can set and save your home waypoint with the Geomate.jr so you can always find your way home. The Geomate.jr also saves your found caches, so you can review your found list at any time.


Meet the Geomate Update Kit

Geomate.jr Update Kit

Geomate.jr Update Kit

The Update Kit brings out Geomate.jr’s best qualities. The Update Kit gives you access to current geocache databases and geocache databases for the entire world! With the Update Kit you can create your own private geocaches and you can also download your own Pocket Queries into the Geomate.jr. The Geomate.jr has many other features – you can learn about them here. The Geomate.jr Update Kit links your Geomate.jr to your computer giving you access to all these awesome features:

Get the latest Geocaches

With the Update Kit, you can update to get the latest geocaches from geocaching.com. A new database is published from geocaching.com every 24 hours.

Worldwide Geocaching

You can also get different worldwide databases, we have coverage for pretty much the entire globe. So don’t forget to pack the Geomate.jr in your suitcase! And send us a post card!


Use GPS technology to get students engaged and active in the classroom

Geocaching Learning

Get your class out on the hunt for learning!

Using geocaching in the classroom can be an exciting new way to teach. Incorporating geocaching into your lesson plans is a great way to get kids interacting, engaged and active! The best part is they won’t even realize that they are learning – they will be having too much fun!
Sounds good? Wondering where to start? Start by checking out everything we have to offer here, such as:

  • Special web features to create your own private geocache lists
  • Geomate.jr geocaching curriculum
  • Classroom Kits and other fun geocaching accessories

“It’s very easy to use! I like the fact that it can be customized, and then used on our school grounds for class.”

Looking for a new outdoor adventure for your Scouting Troops? Then try geocaching!

Geocaching Scouting

Geocaching perfect for Scouting Organizations

Geocaching is a hi-tech treasure hunt, where participants use GPS devices to find hidden ‘treasure’ called a geocache. It is a really fun way to explore! Geocaches can be hidden anywhere, they can even be disguised as common objects such as logs or rocks. Geocaching can be a quick fun weeknight meeting activity, where you get out exploring the urban geocaches in your local area. Or you can combine with a troop camp out trip and find caches hidden along hiking trails. Yes, they really are hidden everywhere!

Adventure Program

The Official Geocaching Adventure Program – Geomate.jr Edition contains all you need to get you out and geocaching in no time. It contains geocache containers, logbooks, pencils, geocache stickers, travel bugs, and more. It also has ‘The Complete Idiots – Guide to Geocaching’ so you can become a true expert in Geocaching.

“The Geomate.jr appealed to me because of it’s ease of use and the simplicity of setting it up”

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