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Brand 44 Colorado Disclaimer & Notice

The use of ziplines is inherently hazardous. The installation should only be performed by an adult and in accordance with these instructions. Following the listed items below may help the user avoid unnecessary harm. Adult supervision is required at all times. The instruction manual and any other information shall not be considered adequate instruction for the installation and use of this product. Be Careful and Have Safe Fun Outdoors!

  1. Always take the time to instruct the user on the safe use and operation of your zipline.
  2. Before each use, check to see that obstructions and hazards are removed from the zipline path and that all non-users are at a safe distance from that path.
  3. The owner, installer and user of this equipment assume all risk of injury and even death that may result from this product.
  4. As with all small parts, there is a potential risk of choking hazard. Please keep all parts away from small children.
  5. Fully dissemble and dispose of all playground equipment in a manner that will prevent any hazards.

All the information provided by Slackers®, Geomate® and Be Prepared® either printed, electronic or otherwise is not to be considered professional instruction or advice. Users of this equipment are encouraged to seek professional instruction regarding specific questions about usage, location, installation or other aspects of Slacklines/ Ziplines.

Be Careful and Have Fun Outdoors!