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About Us

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B4 Adventure offers a variety of outdoor products that encourage everyone to get outdoors and have fun!


About B4 Adventure

Ed O'Brien

Ed O’Brien

B4 Adventure was started in 2011 by Edward O’Brien a Colorado native who wanted to create “Backyard Adventures” as recreational activities that family members of all ages and other groups could enjoy out of doors anywhere. B4 Adventure is a distributor of licensed Boy Scouts of America products, Slackers® brand Slacklines and Ziplines. In April of 2012 Brand 44 acquired the Geomate Jr. product line from Apisphere Inc. “This is a great addition to our expanding line of adventure products that get young people and their families outside to explore their world and learn more about themselves,” says Ed O’Brien. At B4 Adventure, our goal is to provide great products to fine retailers worldwide.


Connecting kids and families to the West’s Great Outdoors, Reports

Connecting Kids and families with the outdoors

Connecting Kids and families with the outdoors

People in the west are spending less time enjoying the region’s great outdoor spaces. We have additional leisure time options not available a couple generations ago – gaming devices, 24 hour cable TV, movies on demand on mobile devices. Eight-eighteen year olds spend more than 7½ hours a day, seven days a week with some form of electronic media.

The Get Out West Advisory Group offers nine recommendations on actions Governors could take and roles they can play to help connect kids and young families to the West outdoor places and heritage. Download the report on connecting kids and families to the Great Outdoors now, Click Here.